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Since 1991, Rockdoc has safeguarded athletes, artists, musicians, actors, and corporate "rockstars" against illness and costly downtime. We focus on your health and wellness, because your show, event or business must go on. We provide the specialized services you need, when and where you need them – around the corner and around the world.

EMS - Event Medical Services

Leverage our medical experience overseeing and managing concerts, music festivals, raves, conferences, sports competitions, marathons, races and more. More »

Industry Medical Services

Rockdoc provides assessment, design and implementation of cost-effective First Aid, CSO, and Occupational Health and Safety services for a variety of clients in various industries. More »

Government Medical Services

Whether you need medical services as a Service Provider to Public Health Care, Local and Provincial Governments or Police and Corrections, Rockdoc can provide you with what you need and in the time you need it. More »

Our Success is Your Success

Our success is measured by the success of our clients and partners and by the effectiveness of our team. More »


Rockdoc Consulting Inc. is the leading provider of medical services and health care consulting for EMS – Event Medical Services, and various industry, and government organizations. At Rockdoc, we collaborate with our clients to develop, implement, operate and innovative cost effective health care services; reducing risk and solving complex and unique problems in health care service delivery.

Based out of Vancouver, BC with affiliates across Canada, Rockdoc has decades of experience providing emergent, urgent and continuing care, effectively navigating the health care system for our clients.



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